Life With Multiple Sclerosis.


Welcome to my new blog this blog is about living with multiple sclerosis i just want to say thank you for taking the time to be on the blog and sharing awarness for multiple sclerosis.

  • My First Blog Post

    16th Aug 2019 by

    About 6 years ago my family was affected with multiple sclerosis. This is my story and I just want to thank every individual who has taken the time to join me on my blog and spread awareness for multiple sclerosis. At the age of 11 I suffered with seizures. I had a really big seizure… Read more

  • Exhausted

    25th Nov 2019 by

    I feel so exhausted 😩 I have to get ready for work I can feel how weak I am but I’m trying so hard to fight every day is a battle and I just have to carry on my eyes are so sore I have to go to the hospital tomorrow to see the neurologist… Read more

  • Bethanys story 💭

    5th Oct 2019 by

    “07/05/2019, it was a Tuesday. It wasn’t hot, it wasn’t cold, it was just right. She said she walked into her neurology appointment thinking that everything would be okay and that, She would be okay. She was wrong, She was so so wrong. 7th May 2019 was the day she has been diagnosed with multiple… Read more

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